Getting a Degree in America

So, you decided to discover the magnificent United States of America while studying abroad? Great choice! America is, indeed, the country of opportunities, cultures, and dozens of new experiences. Before you go abroad to get your degree, keep in mind that there are some moments that would be critical for your safe and comfortable stay in the new country. 

First, consider the application strategy.  We recommend an application to three to six universities. Applying for one or two universities carries a certain amount of risk as it can also be rejected or there is no funding available from the accepting university. On the other hand, applying to many universities also means a heavy burden of time and work. Some applicants only apply to the highest-ranking universities, while others apply to increase their chances at both these and universities with lower standards.

Do some research work:

• Search engines on the Internet

• Discuss the project with your professors in Germany and ask for contacts in the USA.

• Research where the leading minds teach in their field.

• Contact the universities and discuss the programs and funding opportunities.

Job Opportunities: Be realistic. Most universities report how many percent of applicants have been accepted (this is also found in Peterson’s Guide to Graduate Programs). Determine what minimum score you need in standardized tests, e.g. GRE. Discuss uncertainties regarding your academic qualification with the relevant department of the US University.

Ways to America 

Basically, there are the following ways for studying abroad: 

  • Participation in a university exchange program For the students of the UR this way offers by far the most possibilities. Particularly attractive here is the tuition exemption or reduction, which is offered in the context of exchange programs. 
  • Application for a scholarship at one of the intermediary organizations It is often necessary to prepare for the stay abroad independently (as in C), but some scholarships also include participation in an organized program.
  • Self-employment at a university abroad (without exchange program) You can also apply on your own initiative to a foreign university of your choice as a visiting student for 1-2 semesters. It should be noted that both dates and documents for the application vary from university to university. Furthermore, in the case of a self-application without an exchange agreement, tuition fees normally apply. If you have any questions about the required application documents or would like to obtain information on financing options, please contact the International Office. 

TOEFL (language test) 

For each self-application at an American university and for all exchange places in the USA the so-called TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required. Therefore, the test for the North American programs of the UR is required as an application requirement. The minimum number of Internet-based TOEFL scores required for admission to the American partner universities is generally 79-80 points. The TOEFL is only offered on specific dates in test centers in Germany and neighboring countries.